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LEGLE FRANCE honors one of the most beautiful and elegant women in the world, Princess Diana. The white and platinum in the collection respectively symbolize purity and luxury, while the playfully unstructured lines in the pattern signify Princess Diana’s spirited and lively personality. 

Diana coupe plate

Dia 31cm

Diana coupe plate

Dia 26.5cm

Diana coupe plate

Dia 24cm

Diana coupe plate

Dia 21cm

Diana coupe plate

Dia 19cm

Diana rim plate

Dia 15.5cm

Diana manhattan plate

L 30cm, W 30cm

Diana odeur plate

Dia 27cm

Diana soup & pasta bowl

V 200ml

Diana round coupe bowl

V 700ml

Diana chelsea bowl

Dia 12cm

Diana marquise bowl

Dia 12cm

Diana marquise bowl

Dia 12cm

Diana rice bowl

Dia 11cm

Diana chopstick & spoon rest

L 7.5cm, W 5cm

Diana chopstick rest

L 5cm, W 3cm

Diana dish

Dia 9cm

Diana dish

Dia 7cm

Diana spoon

L 13.5cm, W 4.5 Cm

Diana modern teapot

V 800ml

Diana tea cup

V 250ml

Diana gaiwan cup (l)

V 225ml

Diana gaiwan cup (s)

V 125ml

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