The detail of the product
Auspicious clouds sauce bottle set
Round Pepper Shaker
Item no.: BC-151-122B0973 Erp code: LM1410-151B019A Size: L 5.5cm, W 5.5cm, H 5cm

Sauce Pot
Item no.: BC-153-122B0973 Erp code: LM1410-153B019A Size: L 7.5cm, W 6.5cm, H 8.5cm, V 150ml

Round Salt Shaker
Item no.: BC-152-122B0973 Erp code: LM1410-152B019A Size: L 5.5cm, W 5.5cm, H 5cm

Seasoning Underplate
Item no.: BC-154-122B0973 Erp code: LM1410-154B019A Size: L 20cm, W 7cm, H 1cm

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