Born of two great Limoges porcelain families, the Legrands and the Leboucs, LEGLE FRANCE dates back over one hundred years.

Based in Limoges in France – known around the world as the centre of fine porcelain production – LEGLE FRANCE is noted for its skill in glazing porcelain and it’s wonderful, vivid colours.

LEGLE FRANCE is the holder of the prestigious Enterprise du Patrimone Vivant (Living Heritage Company or EPV), recognition by the French government of the way in which LEGLE FRANCE has maintained the historic tradition of fine porcelain craftsmanship in Limoges.

For LEGLE FRANCE, the passion for design, craftsmanship, glaze colour and quality are at the heart of how we work with that magical material – porcelain.

The Know-how

For over 50 years, LEGLE FRANCE has used their knowledge to develop a range of high temperature coloured glazes (fired to over 1100ºC). Each glaze is formulated at the heart of the company, from the recipe to production. 33 high temperature colored glazes has made LEGLE FRANCE, a market leader in this sector.

After rigorous quality control after firing, the gilders delicately apply the gold and platinum to the rim of the plates, cups and handles. This meticulous work requires experience, skill and dexterity; as the line must not waver and must be of a constant thickness. Through these hand skills, LEGLE FRANCE captures the image of the great French tradition of “the art of living”.